10 Warning Signs Of Mold Toxicity Everyone Should Know

Did you know that a great number of people are exposed to toxic mold every single day?

Were you aware that a significant amount of the population is in contact with toxic mold on a daily basis?

Exposure commonly occurs through physical contact, respiration, or ingestion. – and the most terrible part is that they are not even aware of it. The mold is a quiet and deadly hazard. It is compulsory to test your body for the presence of mold toxins!

The presence of mold at home causes diseases. Being around wet and moldy surroundings may result in a range of health consequences. For that reason, toxic mold found in homes is hazardous and effects your health in a bad way.

kinds of toxic molds

Your health can be negatively impacted by various types of toxic mold present in the house, and the most usual ones include Toxic molds, Allergenic molds, and pathogenic molds.

One of the frequently observed types of black mold is Stachybotrys, it is also just called black mold and is one of the toxic mold species that have a higher threat level. You will likely find this inside the house.

Memnoniella is known as black mold as well. It is alike Stachybotrys and has similar results. The distinction between Memnoniella and Stachybotrys is that when observed through a microscope, the spores emitted by Memnoniella are in the form of chains, whereas Stachybotrys emits pores in the form of clumps.

Various suggestions can be given for treating harmful black molds such as Memnoniella or Stachybotrys. For example, the use of antimicrobial products when scrubbing away mold.

Here are 10 Warning Signs of Toxic Mold That You Should Definitely Be Aware of:

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